Where I’ve Been

I’ve been to 33 states in the USA and have stepped foot in 23 countries across 5 continents.  (I’ve officially travelled 19, because you can’t really count layovers in Vienna and Qatar, accidentally taking the train to Switzerland, or going to the Bahamas when you’re two years old… or can you?)

Asia: Singapore / Thailand / Vietnam

Europe: Czech Republic / France / Germany / Greece / Italy / Poland / Ukraine / United Kingdom

North America: Cuba / MexicoUnited States

Oceania: Australia / New Zealand

South America: Argentina / Brazil / Uruguay

New Zealand sunset

Chronicles of Past International Wanderings

2016: Operation: Dodge Snowzilla (Mexico) – 1 week

2015: Limestone Karsts and Cheap Sunglasses (Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore) – 1 month

2013: The Motherland Tour (Ukraine, Germany) – 6 weeks

2011/2012: The Brief South American New Year’s Jaunt (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay) – 16 days

2010: Rys Down Under (Australia, New Zealand) – 6 weeks

2009: Sex and the City Does Europe (Greece, Italy) – 10 days

2006: Fall Break: Five Days and a $425 Flight  (England) – 5 days

I’m Always Five Minutes Away From Booking Plane Tickets To..

Ukraine in the summertime

Prague, Czech Republic

Southeast Asia + layover in Japan

Vancouver, Canada

Zanzibar, Tanzania