I made it to Canberra last night. Sunara and her friend Alec picked me up at the bus station and they were extremely, extremely nice. We ended up going back to another friend of there’s house, where they finished watching “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and Alec explained the concept of “Fairy Bread” to me, which is:

-White bread.
-“Hundreds and thousands” — or sprinkles, as we call them.

They were all shocked that we didn’t have such food in the US, haha. They asked, “What do you eat as a kid, then?!”

I had a couple of enlightening discussions with Maria and Jim back in Sydney regarding Barack Obama. They both said that while they were glad it wasn’t Bush any longer, they really didn’t understand the hype and his cult power over so many people. Jim pointed out how he noticed that people who claimed to be “tolerant” and idealists were so rabid against any opposition, thereby making them more intolerant than any of the people who disagree with Obama.

I also took a tour of the Parliament House today. It’s amazing — Australia’s government has only been in place since around 1902. They have a House of Represenatives, a Senate, and the Queen (or the Governor General who acts in the Queen’s stead). They also have a Prime Minister, but I don’t fully understand how he fits into the picture.

Anyway. I’m running out of minutes on a creepy internet gaming gaming gaming lounge in a basement of a building in Canberra, so that’s all for now!

much love!

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