Film Industry News: The Return of the GoldFold Callsheet Wallet!


>> March 2013 Update: Click HERE for the latest update on GoldFolds.

Exciting news, AD nation! 

For the last several months, it’s been difficult to track down the illustrious GoldFold wallet. The GoldFold is the perfect tool for storing those awkward legal-sized callsheets without wrinkling, as well as any additional papers you’d need to have on your person while on a film set.

Goldfold Callsheet Wallet

I’ve been trying to find a distributor to link to on my film gear recommendations page, but as anyone with Google has realized, it’s impossible to find – let alone buy – these handy callsheet wallets. I also couldn’t find any information explaining the absence of GoldFolds.

After following several dead links to FilmTools webpages, I decided to go straight to the source: Travis Gold himself – a 1st AD and creator of the wallet. Within an impressive 5 minutes, he replied to my email!

Travis Gold’s response, as of January 2012:

Hi Laryssa. Goldfold is on a little Holiday of sorts. Gonna intro New improved line with Side carry mid feb. Subtle changes to Fold but side carry will be a terrific addition. Thank You

And, there you have it – just a few short weeks until these wonderful little callsheet wallets are once again available for purchase. I’m guessing they’ll once again be distributed through FilmTools. Too bad we can’t preorder, eh?


>> March 2013 Update: Click HERE for the latest update on GoldFolds.

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  1. Any word on when/where we can get these? Film tools said they didnt have them or know anything about them coming back or where to get them. Thanks!

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    • Ben — I just got an update from Travis and will be sharing the details ASAP!

  2. Hi Laryssa…Its On. is up and runnin. Thank you again for All your support. Travis Gold

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    • Awesome!!
      The site looks great Travis, and the new Fold looks fantastic. Happy to have helped spread the word.

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