first blah day

So far, Melbourne blows, but I think that’s because my experience with people in Sydney was so incredible. I got spoiled having friends and a nice apartment to come home to at night, with someone looking after me all the time.

I took the overnight bus from Canberra, and I’m in a crummy hostel right outside the central business district because I wanted to shower and do laundry, but there’s only one washing machine and you’re only allowed to do laundry from 2pm-11pm!

So, so far, my mistakes on this trip have been:

-not allotting enough time for Australia
-leaving Sydney
-taking a freaking overnight bus from Canberra to Melbourne
-staying at this hostel?

I’ve met a couple of people at the hostel but I haven’t hit it off with anyone. I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself, actually. I’m not homesick at all — I just wish I was still couchsurfing in Sydney, hanging out with Melissa, Raquel, and Jim. My gut told me to stay longer in Sydney, but I felt that I needed to press onward. Plus, I’d already purchased the plane ticket from Melbourne – > NZ ages ago. I guess I need to keep my plans more open-ended on the next trip I go on, in case something similar happens.


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