hey, let’s open the door and get some culture

Our first couchsurfers came yesterday. I was a little unsure as to what to expect — two young British guys who just finished a year at MIT but otherwise go to Cambridge — that could mean any number of things: frat boys, extremely smart but lacking in social skills, etc. But as soon as I met them, I liked them instantly.

For one: They brought wine, which was far above my expectations and I regret not doing that for my hosts. They’re extremely courteous, make excellent conversation, and are genuinely curious about what makes Nashville awesome. I regret not having much free time to spend with them, but Allison took them on a tour like a pro and it sounded like the perfect itinerary for a couple of “blokes” with one full free day to spend here — I’ll have to steal it when I entertain some future guests of ours.

It really is like traveling without traveling. Part of what I loved about my trip was meeting people from all over the world and learning about other cultures, the perceptions and misconceptions about one another’s countries– and couchsurfing (especially on the hosting end) is a more economical way to do the same. I only surfed 5 or 6 times, but it was enough to know that there isn’t always chemistry between surfer and host, or a “spark”, if you will — but this one has definitely been one of my top CS experiences. I hope to catch up with these guys back in the UK someyear.

I’ve tried to maintain the traveler’s mindset since I’ve been back, that I’m only passing through, and trying to view the landscape as someone from another part of the world would. It definitely enriches the mundane day-to-day sort of things. I am enjoying being around some of my favorite people in Nashville, but I will always be ready for whatever adventure comes around the bend and leave it all again.

This entry is limping along and I regret not being able to convey my emotions accurately into words. Maybe it has something to do with working so much these last 2 weeks and not having enough time for reflection, reading, things that expand the mind, etc, as I did when I was spending 3-4 hours a day in transit of some sort. Tomorrow we’re shooting a commercial in my kitchen. Goodnight.

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