Learning curve.

Okay. So if I had to repack for this trip all over again, I would do the following:

-Buy a netbook for $200. I’m sure by the time this trip is over I will have spent at least $60 in internet access.
-Bring more than just 5 shirts. How freaking Spartan of me.
-Bring a dress or two.
-BRING A BELT. Heavens.
-Leave the winter clothes at home, as I’m not going hiking after all. But how was I to know that? So now I get to lug around giant snow pants and giant winter jacket which take up 75% of the room in my 40L backpack.

I would’ve brought more, essentially. I’ve always read about underpacking for trips because you’ll never regret it, but I definitely took it too far to the one extreme! I was OK in Greece/Italy because we were only there 10 days… but I’m approaching the two week mark and I’m about to shoot myself in the face and there’s still another month to go.

I’m excited about going to the beach although I’ll be considerably poorer afterward. I hope I meet some great people up there…

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