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I don’t think I could be a full-on travel blogger. At least, not the sort that blogs WHILE she travels. I have a large amount of respect for those who do, since I don’t know when they find the time to do so!

My days have been crammed with sight-seeing, dinners, and in the evenings, I’ll do research on where else I should go, or I’ll throw back a beer with an old friend or  get to know my new hostel roommates, and send a few texts back home to update the troops, and sometimes I’ll Skype with Gunner and then it’s time for sleep.

There are numerous posts in my brain I’d love to share, but I don’t see it happening while I’m in transit. I’m a rambler and somewhat of an over-corrector, which is a bad combination when you are trying to sketch a decent post out in under half an hour.

But, I will say this: Our America to the South is under-rated. Brazil captured my heart, Iguazu Falls is the place we hope exists when we envision undiscovered frontiers, and Buenos Aires deserves a place alongside most European cities.

It’s remarkable here, for reasons I hope to share once I’m home and dreaming of returning. And heck, it’s 90 degrees in January!

Much love, and Happy New Year from the Paris of the South!,

Author: Laryssa

Laryssa has spent 6+ years working on an assortment of film and television projects. She writes about her experiences to help (and amuse) others. If she's not working, she's either traveling, reading or writing about travel, or planning travel. Follow , Twitter, or Facebook.

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