All that’s in my head is in Your hands

It’s about to be tax day in my home country. w00t w00t?

Today I was able to put myself in the perspective of bored, antsy, itchy feet Laryssa sitting on the couch in Nashville perusing ticket prices to Australia and I got really, really excited about being in Australia and seeing Switchfoot while they’re here.

Since being here, it’s been easy to forget how unique this experience is, or how I’ve been wanting to come here for ages. It’s easier to justify not doing something than it should be. I can’t really explain what I’m getting at. I think the waves knocked my coherency out of my brain.

Speaking of which! I finally got the guts up to rent a surfboard. I was feeling like a bit of a dud telling my friends at the hostel that I’d just hung out on the beach all day. With their encouragement, I rented a board and headed out to Rainbow Bay.

It was a bit too crowded for my liking. Apparently, it’s surfer etiquette is to back off of a wave after someone else has caught it. I learned this after receiving my third dirty look from a surfer that nearly hit me.

Catching the wave is also harder than I thought. At the lesson, the coach would launch us into the wave, so all we had to worry about doing was standing up. Catching the wave takes so much energy out of you — I think I only caught 4 waves today and made it to one foot half-standing twice. Pretty embarrassing.

I’d love to travel long-term. I think I’d like to come back to the Gold Coast for a few months and try to work, and then maybe head over to the west coast for awhile and try my hand at fruit-picking. I could meet fellow travellers and journey with them to Bali or Thailand. One of the girls in my dorm room is from Chang Mei, and she keeps telling me I need to visit her next year in April because that’s when their big festival is.

Right now, the rough itinerary is to go to Brisbane for the weekend, come back to Coolangatta for 2 nights, then fly to Sydney. I’m excited to go back to Sydney and see the “original” crew. It’ll be a bit like coming home, I think. I plan on staying there until the following Tuesday before heading to New Zealand for real.

Anyway. Time is about to expire. I really must find another state library in Brisbane to mooch free internet off of…

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