The Best Movie Set Memes of 2016

Are you a member of Movie Set Memes? If not, you NEED to be. It’s a Facebook group devoted to inside jokes in the industry, using the internet’s most common memes. If you’re new to the business, it’s also a great way to learn on set lingo.

You should probably devote half an hour to your day scrolling through the various memes. It’s worth it! For now, I’m sharing some of my favorites from 2016.

The Best Movie Set Memes from 2016

PA Baller

top movie set memes of 2016

Tip: Use the lid plugs!


“Copy That”



Overly Ambitious


Company moves ALWAYS take longer than you think they will.


Filming in Los Angeles

movie set memes

By the way, the application fee alone is $660.


Don’t Be An Idiot

You’re on your feet all day – make sure you wear something with good arch support! (Merrells or Nike Flyknits are awesome.)


Possessive Electricians


It’s for your own safety.


Not Experience


Remember: Film school can help, but it doesn’t equate to real world experience.


Wasted Sleep


I once worked on a show where I wrapped at 11pm, went home, and didn’t receive the call sheet until 2am…and my call time was 6am.

Every Time

best movie set memes of 2016

Although to be fair, usually it’s because the Director yells, “CUT!”(…and everyone else then shouts, “TAILSLATE TAILSLATE TAILSLATE”)



4K may be awesome, but it is a b*#% in post.

8 Hour Days

best movie set memes 2016

Not Sure If…


When you’re a producer’s assistant, you might have to get creative about how you source things…


Four Months of 14 Hour Days



Hope There’s An Elevator


“Camera Wrap” and “Taillights” are two different things.


Ghost Walkie


Also, what’s up with these voices in my head?

Room Tone



All Pay Is Not Equal


Slaters Gonna Slate


“Tryin’ to catch me clappin’ dirty…”

Fix It Now!


Yeah, you can fix some things in post, but you can’t fix bad content…

Also Every Time


Yep. ALL the noises.


best movie set memes of 2016

Technically older than 2016, but a classic!


What was your favorite Movie Set Meme of 2016?


Meme Sharer Credit:

Amanda D., Brandon C., Eduardo D., Itai F., James L. Jason S. P., Jenny D., Raki B., Sanal R., Rebecca S., David S., Eric V., Jack B. Nathaniel S., Riley T., Will S., Zachary E.

All memes found on the hilarious Facebook group, Movie Set Memes.



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